Positive Influences

Stumbled upon this article online, and thought it was a great example of what our focus should be in shaping young children’s eating habits–POSITIVITY.

This is especially applicable to parents and caretakers. Set up a positive eating environment and having a positive relationship with food. The following statement rings true with the Positive Eats mantra:

Foods that are high in calories, fat, sugar and salt like cakes, chocolate, cookies, doughnuts, ice cream, french fries, potato chips, pop, sports and energy drinks, and sweetened hot or cold drinks should be eaten less often. When you limit these foods yourself, your children will be less likely to eat them as well.

It is important not to label these foods as “bad”. They are simply foods to be eaten occasionally and in moderation.

Perfect. The article also states not to force children to eat anything, and also to avoid using food as a reward or punishment. Food is there to nourish our bodies. Children should not be pressured to eat a certain amount, but rather allowed to choose from a variety of options you as parents provide based on hunger level.

Positive eating is truly the best way to help future generations develop healthy eating habits. We need to set an example. A positive one 🙂

What are some positive eating strategies you abide by?