Which kind of beer has the most iron?

We’ve published a few posts on the nutrients in beer, but today we’re going to talk about Beer and Iron. It is estimated that only 65-70 % of Americans get enough iron in their diet, and women (because of menstruation) are particularly prone to low levels of this essential mineral.

A study published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, examined 40 different beers, and found that heavier, darker beers have almost 50% more iron than light beers.

The darker the beer, the more iron!
The darker the beer, the more iron!

A pint of Guinness has about 0.3 mg of iron, and the recommended daily intake for the “average” adult is around 10 mg per day…so while beer is not the highest source of iron in the grand scheme of foods, if you’re thinking about this particular nutrient when our drinking with friends, consider getting some of the dark stuff! 😀



Eggplants are rich in what nutrients?

Helllllooo Positive Eaters! Sorry it has been a while since the last post, but we are doing a little re-vamping of the site and mission.

But in the spirit of keeping up with the nutrition blog, here is a beautiful picture of baby eggplants from the farmers’ market. And that begs the important question: What health benefits and nutrition do eggplants offer us? Does anyone know? Please comment on the post and share some nutrition facts about the eggplant! It is a mysterious vegetable often overlooked!

Beautiful baby eggplants. What are the nutrients in eggplants?
Beautiful baby eggplants. What are the nutrients in eggplants?

This one skill can save your life


Learn how to cook and you are learning the nutritional makeup of all your favorite foods. Remember, different foods are just different vehicles for different nutrition.

Love pie? Bake one from scratch and see what goes in it.

Meatballs? Try to make ’em.

Pizza lover? Make one at home.

Once you learn the basic ingredients of various foods or meals, you’ll understand the nutrients inside them.

Read recipes for homemade ketchup, marshmallows, beer, ice cream, mayonnaise. Does anything surprise you?

Knowing the ingredients in foods will help you make better decisions on what to consume for optimal happiness and health!

Nutrition education is power. Happy cooking!



Beer and B12


You’ve heard that vitamin B12 is only found in animal foods, but did you know that beer also contains vitamin B12?

In fact, beer is rich in many of the B vitamins!

It is often easy to overlook the vitamins and minerals in beer because most alcohol does not contain nutrition labels, which is why it is important to do research to see how beer is made and where those nutrients come from.

Let us know what you find, and please share with the Positive Eats community in the comments section below!