French Toast to Fuel the Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!! Whether you are taking Mom out for Sunday brunch, or cooking at home, French Toast is a surefire way to make any mom happy. Crispy, eggy, drizzled in maple syrup, a touch of butter, how can you go wrong? You can’t!!!! Besides being a delicious meal, it is also VERY nutritious!!

French Toast deliciousness. Photo credit:
French Toast deliciousness. Photo credit:

French toast was originally created to “revive” old stale bread by soaking it in a mixture of eggs and milk, and then pan frying it with some butter. Today we enjoy it ALL THE TIME–stale bread, fresh bread, any kind of bread..we LOVE french toast!!

It is truly a great way to fuel your body for the day. Why? Let’s focus on the three macronutrients–carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Bread and maple syrup provide lots of energy due to high concentrations of carbohydrates (which is our body’s main source of energy).

Eggs and dairy have a high concentrations of protein (what most of our body is made of!), along with some fat.

Butter is essentially just fat, which we need for fat-soluable vitamins (D, E, A, and K)!

USDA recommends a diet with ratio ranges of about 45-65% carbs, 15-35% protein, and 20-35% fat. 

If you do the math (or if you just estimate;), French Toast is the perfect balance of the three macronutrients. Mostly carbohydrates, and then some protein and fat! In food terms–mostly bread, some milk and eggs, and some butter! Syrup just adds plenty more carbohydrates, which is great for your body especially if you are consuming french toast in the morning. Carbs are not bad! Carbs = ENERGY!!!!

Now go celebrate with Mom! ❤




Waffle House of Nutrition


All Star Breakfast at Waffle House
All Star Breakfast at Waffle House




Let’s face it. You will probably end up at a Waffle House this weekend. And you will probably order the All-Star breakfast. Because you’re an All Star. Because it’s the first menu item and written all patriotic-like in a red, white, and blue banner. Because it consists of a waffle AND hashbrowns AND bacon AND eggs AND coffee. Because you’re American, and it is almost your duty to order it.

Most importantly, it will be delicious. And nutritious? YES. It will be very nutritious because like we always say here at Positive Eats, ALL FOODS HAVE NUTRITION!

Well, What kind of nutrition? Tell me more…

OK I will! (did I just have a conversation with myself?)

Whatever it’s a blog.

Anyway..  let’s look at each separate component of this feast:

THE WAFFLE (+ Syrup)

Fluffy with just the right amount of crispness around each indented groove, the infamous Waffle from Waffle house is perfect. It is also a great vehicle for B-vitamins and iron! This is because waffles are made from enriched flour. Flour fortification with nutrients is mandatory in the US.

And who can eat waffles without syrup? Maple syrup is full of antioxidants, calcium, iron, zinc, and potassium!

Together, waffles + syrup are a sweet carbohydrate powerhouse–meaning you will have ENERGY!!!! for hours!!!

Eggs and Bacon–The perfect salty/savory compliment to the waffle. Both are FULL of the macro-nutrient, PROTEIN! We need protein for virtually everything in life, including growth and repair and metabolic functions. And since both eggs and bacon are animal products, they contain the essential vitamin B-12, which is ONLY found in animal products, along with a slew of other nutrients. COol!

HASHBROWNSandrea waffle house
mmm potatoes!!! Vitamin C!!! Potassium! Find out more about potatoes in this earlier post on French Fries. Like your hashbrowns “covered”? aka topped with melted cheese? You are adding calcium and protein! Read more about cheese here.

We all know that coffee has a lot of caffeine. But with regards to nutrients, did you know coffee contains essential B vitamins and manganese and potassium?

And there you have it. A full breakfast at Waffle House. A full dose of NUTRITION! 🙂

Remember, remain positive about what you eat!! We cannot fuel our bodies with regret, guilt, or shame! Happy eating everyone!! And enjoy the weekend.

And now for the irrelevant but relevant question: How do you like your Waffle House hashbrowns? Smothered? Covered? Capped?