Frosted Flakes Are GR-R-REAT!!

ImageBright blue box, Tony the Tiger flashing a big thumbs up–Frosted Flakes cereal is without a doubt a children’s favorite in the cereal aisle. Falling into the same category as Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, and Cocoa Puffs.. these cereals unfortunately fall victim to labeling by health professionals as bad for our health.

But are they really so bad?? No! Because there are no bad foods. Let’s take a look at the nutrition in Frosted Flakes.

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Just take a good, objective look at that nutrition label for a hot minute. Notice the nutrients. Look at the ingredients.

In the end..Frosted Flakes are really very simple. Corn flakes and sugar. And added vitamins/minerals. That’s all. And that’s the end of this post too.

Happy Breakfasting!! Do you like Frosted Flakes?