Are there Carbs in Milk? What about Cheese?

Carbohydrates, simply put, are our body’s main source of energy. We need carbs to function and for our brain to think clearly! Recommended daily allowance is about 130 grams of carbs per day for the “average” person. Check with your doctor or do some research online to figure out a good balance for your body.

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Why I support Fast Food

McDonald’s. Wendy’s. Burger King. Zaxby’s. Taco Bell. Culver’s. Bojangles. Dairy Queen. Krispy Kreme. In-N-Out. Starbucks. Whataburger. Chick fil A. Pizza Hut.

There are hundreds of fast food chains out there….

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Do Cheez-its have real cheese?

My mom recently sent me a care package in the mail. Was it full of homemade cookies and chocolate hearts and love notes? Nah.

Cheez-its. Yep, bags and bags of individual servings of Cheez-its. I don’t even remember the last time I had one of the crispy yellow cheese-crackers. But hey, I took it as a nutritional learning opportunity. So here’s the question…Do Cheez-its actually include real cheese??

Do Cheez-its really have REAL cheese??
Do Cheez-its really have REAL cheese??

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Eggplants are rich in what nutrients?

Helllllooo Positive Eaters! Sorry it has been a while since the last post, but we are doing a little re-vamping of the site and mission.

But in the spirit of keeping up with the nutrition blog, here is a beautiful picture of baby eggplants from the farmers’ market. And that begs the important question: What health benefits and nutrition do eggplants offer us? Does anyone know? Please comment on the post and share some nutrition facts about the eggplant! It is a mysterious vegetable often overlooked!

Beautiful baby eggplants. What are the nutrients in eggplants?
Beautiful baby eggplants. What are the nutrients in eggplants?


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Get lucky 😉

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and our mouths are watering for some corned beef and cabbage. But what exactly is Corned Beef?

First off, it has NOTHING to do with corn (on the cob)!!

Corned beef and cabbage
Corned beef and cabbage

Corned beef got its name from an old English word, “Corn”, which refers to large grains, or “corns” of rock salt, which were used to preserve and prevent from spoiling the large chunks of beef brisket. (FYI random knowledge: BRISKET is the underside chest or breast of the cow).

Today we usually brine the beef brisket in salt and flavorings (also including lots of spices and peppercorns), and then boiling the beef to cook it before serving.

What about nutrition in corned beef?

Since it is brined (aka soaked in salty salty water), there is A LOT of sodium in corned beef–about 1000 mg per 3 oz serving. Doctors recommend about 2500 mg sodium per day on average. Aside from salt, there is also a lot of protein and fat (about 15 grams each) in a serving. Given that it is beef, you are also getting about 10% iron from a 3 oz serving! Cool!

Now that you know the general ingredients and nutrition in corned beef, you can make the proper decisions to guide your own healthy eating plan! Remember, there are no bad foods if you eat with awareness and knowledge of nutritional content!! HAPPY ST. PATTY’S!!!!

Potato Chips’ Nutritional Secret!

Potato chips are bad for us right? Screenshot 2015-02-04 18.29.45



When we learn about nutrition, we learn that we control our health by deciding what we eat. Now, let’s talk potato chips.

We’ve talked a lot about potatoes here on the Positive Eats blog. But it about time we visit our friend, the Potato Chip.

What’s in a chip? Nothing much actually! A potato chip is really just a few ingredients– potatoes, oil, and salt. Check out Lay’s Classic Potato Chips.

You may notice that Lay’s chips literally have the three ingredients listed above. Potatoes, oil, salt.

Today we are going to focus once again on the POTATO. What is the nutritional secret of a potato? LOTS OF THINGS. But the main thing is..POTATOES HAVE LOTS OF VITAMIN C.

Vitamin C?? YES. Vitamin C. Oh and also Vitamin B6. But more on that another day.

10% daily Vitamin C from a single serving of potato chips (about 15 chips). Amazing.

Think about THAT next time you are crunching on some chips! Happy eating!!

Do eggs have iron??

Do eggs have iron?

Eggs have many nutrients, but not that much iron!
Eggs have many nutrients, but not that much iron!

Hmmmmmmm.. For some reason we get this question a lot here at Positive Eats. And the answer is, while eggs are a nutrient powerhouse, there are other foods that are much better sources of iron.

Eggs contain <0.1 mg of iron each. We need on average about 8-10 mg of iron per day to maintain high energy levels and brain function.

So if you’re looking for a lot of iron..know that eggs contain a little bit..but there are other foods that are richer, such as meats, green veggies, beans, and cocoa 😀

If you're looking for iron, a dark chocolate egg may be a better option!
If you’re looking for iron, a dark chocolate egg may be a better option!

Interesting! Now pass this nutritional education on to a friend!!