Hi everyone! My name is Pam. I’m a K-12 teacher, international speaker, health and self-care enthusiast in Atlanta, GA. This is the K-12 teacher community I’ve started on Body-Positive Eating and Nutrition EDUCATION  for all educators who want to be a part of this movement to promote healthy habits AND SELF LOVE to ourselves and our students, through the celebration of ALL foods in the pursuit of our greatest health. Yes, that includes ice cream and pizza!! (two of my personal favorites:)

We are a culture that has been ingrained to feel guilty after a slice of birthday cake, starve ourselves in order  to get that perfectly flat stomach, or six-pack abs. As teachers who work in K-12 schools, we must be particularly careful about the language we use and the habits we exhibit when it comes to food, eating, and body image. Our students are watching and it is up to us to set the right example when it comes to nutrition and health.

This community exists to support K-12 teachers in eradicating food and body shaming, starting from our own actions in the classroom. We (our students AND us!) have become obsessed by this “good vs. bad foods” and “hot or not” mentality. Media propaganda alters our emotions about what we should eat and how we should look.

Eat this, not that! Drink this, not that. Lose inches off your waist! Get a beach body today. Our health culture is negative and dangerous, and this is the very thing we are hoping to redefine–one student, one classroom, one school at a time.

Join the Positive Eats movement if you are a K-12 teacher who wants to:

  • Further educate yourself AND encourage your students to understand nutrition in a positive way. 
  • Share ideas on how to integrate nutrition education and positive eating habits into our lesson plans and everyday life in the classroom
  • Change the school food culture (cafeteria food, teacher meetings, lounge snacks, vending machines, birthday parties, school celebrations, etc)
  • Provide workshops and engage community members involved with youth to think positively and intentionally about food choices, eating habits, and self-image



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