Why I support Fast Food

McDonald’s. Wendy’s. Burger King. Zaxby’s. Taco Bell. Culver’s. Bojangles. Dairy Queen. Krispy Kreme. In-N-Out. Starbucks. Whataburger. Chick fil A. Pizza Hut.

There are hundreds of fast food chains out there….

….and I support every single one of them. Why?? Well, because they are always there. Whenever and wherever you need a quick, cheap, satisfying bite–you can have one. And most all of them have nutritional and ingredient information listed online.

Now do I eat at fast food establishments often? No. Actually hardly ever. Mainly because it is actually cheaper to buy groceries and cook for myself, and I get the added benefit of choosing the ingredients and tailoring the nutrition and flavors how I want. YUM! However, I digress.

What is your opinion on how we view fast food?

Just because I personally choose to eat at fast food establishments only once in a while (usually on a road trip due to convenience, or if I’m traveling and want a taste of “home”), this does not mean I think they are bad places. We see so many documentaries (hello Super Size Me) and read articles that try to tell us how evil, bad, and unhealthful certain foods at these restaurants are. But if you truly stop to look at the menu items, nutritional info, and ingredient lists, you would start to understand that perhaps it is not the fast food items that are inherently bad (in fact, no foods are ever inherently bad!), but rather it is the string of personal choices or frequency of actions that we make to eat these foods that are leading to health outcomes that we do not want.

We need to stop categorizing specific foods as bad (or good). We especially need to stop judging individuals who consume certain foods as healthy or unhealthy people. Let’s start talking about personal food choice. And actions. And food education. Nutrition awareness. We need to spread and share nutrition awareness, so that individuals can make informed food choices to fit their health needs.

What do you think? Is fast food to blame for anything? Or do we need work harder on nutrition education?


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