Holy Cannoli?

Cannolis are a big deal in Boston, and ever since moving here a few months ago, I have been meaning to give them a try. Yesterday I had my first cannoli, and honestly, I was unimpressed. But that is beside the point of this nutrition blog.

For those of you who won’t know, cannolis are a popular Italian dessert, made of a fried pastry dough tube filled with sweetened ricotta cheese. I got mine with chocolate chips as well. Given the ingredient list, my guess is that a cannoli has a good amount of fat (from the deep fried pastry shell and ricotta cheese), carbohydrates (from the added sugars, the flour shell), and protein (from the cheese). Like most desserts, the cannoli a macro-nutrient dense food–perfect for when you need quick energy or a high number of calories before or after lots of physical activity.