Potato Chips’ Nutritional Secret!

Potato chips are bad for us right? Screenshot 2015-02-04 18.29.45



When we learn about nutrition, we learn that we control our health by deciding what we eat. Now, let’s talk potato chips.

We’ve talked a lot about potatoes here on the Positive Eats blog. But it about time we visit our friend, the Potato Chip.

What’s in a chip? Nothing much actually! A potato chip is really just a few ingredients– potatoes, oil, and salt. Check out Lay’s Classic Potato Chips.

You may notice that Lay’s chips literally have the three ingredients listed above. Potatoes, oil, salt.

Today we are going to focus once again on the POTATO. What is the nutritional secret of a potato? LOTS OF THINGS. But the main thing is..POTATOES HAVE LOTS OF VITAMIN C.

Vitamin C?? YES. Vitamin C. Oh and also Vitamin B6. But more on that another day.

10% daily Vitamin C from a single serving of potato chips (about 15 chips). Amazing.

Think about THAT next time you are crunching on some chips! Happy eating!!

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