The Chinese food has MSG. So?

Watch this video on MSG.

And ask yourself:

– Do you know what MSG is?
– Do we really know if it is “bad” or “good” for us?


You may have heard throughout your life that MSG is something to be avoided. Something that will kill us. But what do you really know?

One thing is for certain: MSG is not bad for us. Because there are no bad foods.

People who consume foods with MSG are not bad people. People who use MSG in cooking are not bad people.

Is MSG something we should include in our daily diet? We cannot make that decision for you. If you do research and feel in your gut that it is something to be avoided, then it is your choice to do so. If you want to include MSG in your diet, then that is fine as well.

Before we go food-shaming, spreading judgement, and giving other people advice on what they should and should not eat, take a step back and examine your own knowledge of the subject. The most we can do is have a discussion.

Ultimately, diet is personal. Study and learn about nutrition so you can make the choice that is best for your body! And remain positive about all that you choose to consume for the healthiest and happiest life.

Now for today’s irrelevant, but relevant question: Do you like Chinese food? And do you pay attention to whether or not there is MSG in the food?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!




2 thoughts on “The Chinese food has MSG. So?

  1. I guess you’re right about the evidence. Although the video seemed a bit sketch in it’s portrayal of the study towards the end. There doesn’t seem to be definitive evidence for or against. I also looked at this link. I assume its reputable. But even if food is considered okay in the U.S. you still might wanna look into whether it is considered okay in other countries. Here’s a link about that. But even if there is nothing wrong with it, what is there to be said about the foods that require MSG? It’s found in “Chinese food, canned vegetables, soups and processed meats.” All stuff that usually isn’t served fresh and requires some chemicals to enhance the flavor and color to make it more palatable. I think it’s better to eat food as fresh and you can get it and absent of any added chemicals. I was way overweight before and after doing research, dropped all of these processed and chemical added foods from my diet and started cooking for myself. Just by doing that and doing absolutely no other lifestyle changes I lost 50 pounds and had a number of other benefits. People are definitely free to believe that there are no bad foods. But there are definitely foods that contribute more positively to your health and well-being than others.

    1. You are right that there are foods that contribute more positively to health than others–but the list of these said foods varies from person to person. All foods can be part of a healthy diet, it is up to us to choose the best and healthiest for our bodies. I don’t think anyone will question that fresh food (with minimal processing, chemicals, and preservatives) is best for well-being, but that doesn’t mean that foods which do not fall into the “fresh” category are bad. It just means that it may be best to eat those foods less frequently, or not at all if you so choose. Ultimately, it is a choice based off our knowledge of nutrition and our bodies.

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