My favorite food is ___ and no, I’m not lying.


Yep, Salad. My favorite food. Ok? I just really like salad. Why does everyone have to get on my back and nag me about being “super healthy”, and why can’t I pick a “real favorite food” like pizza or chips? dinnerplateoffood

Are you on a diet, they ask. But you also must really love donuts, they comment.

What the heck is wrong with me loving salad??? I just like the freshness. I just like the contrast in textures. I just love how the flavors all meld together like the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I just love how I can make one without having to touch the stove.

Why do I feel this pressure from society to have a more “normal” favorite food? Something more “forbidden”, “guilt-laden”?

Why must I feel like the whole world is labeling me with my choice in food??

Can we please stop categorizing foods into “good” and “bad”? Can we please stop judging people by the food they choose to eat??

Loving salad doesn’t make me more or less concerned about health than if I were to love, say, double cheeseburgers.

We shouldn’t associate food with personality characteristics. We shouldn’t equate a person’s food choice with their views on health.

Who agrees?



2 thoughts on “My favorite food is ___ and no, I’m not lying.

  1. My question is what is wrong with caring about your health?

    But I do agree that liking salad does not mean that you are a healthier person. Ceasar salad made with iceberg lettuce has a lot of calories and not very many vitamins.

    1. Great question!! Nothing is wrong with caring about your health–in fact, everyone should care about their health! The purpose of this blog is to look at the positive things that food brings to our lives, and to stop the blanket labeling of “good” vs. “bad” food items. You are correct that caesar salad has many calories and not many vitamins compared to some other foods–but are you saying this with the implication that calories are bad and foods with many vitamins are good?

      Depending on the situation we may need more calories, and if we are already eating enough vitamins through other foods, perhaps a caesar salad is fine.

      If we make choices based on knowledge of nutritional needs, then any foods can fit into a healthy diet. I think of foods as just vehicles of varying amounts of nutrients, but they are all equally healthy. We just pick and choose to find that right balance.

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