What the heck is Ranch?

Glad you asked!

Following up on our previous post, we’ve decided to feature a short post on what exactly that creamy white dressing which appears in all vegetable trays is.

Ranch: the perfect complement to a veggie platter
Ranch: the perfect complement to a veggie platter

Many of us eat it and love it, but not many of us can tell you exactly what is it made from.

So now we will demystify Ranch.

Ranch is actually very simple to make. It is mostly mayo, some sour cream, some buttermilk, and a sprinkle of garlic and herbs and spices (most commonly dill, chives, parsley, black pepper).

Since it is mostly mayonnaise, this means that out of the three macronutrients (fat, carbs, and protein), Ranch is majority fat.

Homemade Ranch dressing
Homemade Ranch dressing

And that’s ok! Remember that fat does not equate with bad. In fact, no foods are bad. We should not label anything as “good” or “bad”. As long as we are aware of the nutritional content, and our personal nutritional needs, we will be able to decide how Ranch fits into our diets!

Knowledge of a food’s nutrition leads to the best nutritional decisions, which leads to the healthiest lives! Happy Eating!

Now for the irrelevant, yet totally relevant, question of the day: Do you like Ranch dressing? And do you include it in your diet?



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