These foods do not belong in your diet

The following foods do not belong in your diet:

Ok, got it?

If you can’t see the list, do not worry. That is because THERE ARE NO FOODS THAT CAN NOT BE PART OF A HEALTHY DIET.

This post in in response to all media health propaganda and diet plans out there that label foods as bad or good. Here is an example.

There is a lot of negative energy in such articles. And this is what Positive Eats suggests: Rather than focusing on things we should avoid, or the negative effects of consuming certain foods, we should be focusing on the nutrition and health we are gaining from our diets.

Remember, there are no bad foods.

Let’s educate each other on the nutrition in foods rather than blindly advising each other on personal actions.

Please do not tell someone a Big Mac is bad for them. Do not tell someone who is about to consume a Big Mac that they should not eat it. Rather, educate them on the nutritional makeup of a Big Mac and how those nutrients play a role in our survival, and then let them choose how Big Macs will play a role in their diet.

The decisions we make ourselves, influenced by individual circumstance, and coupled with nutrition education will be the healthiest decisions for our lives.

Happy Eating everyone! How do you feel about the role of media in our perceptions of foods?



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