Taco Bell is Right

I recently saw this article on Taco Bell, and I must say, Taco Bell is doing it right!! EDUCATING. Check out their page explaining the ingredients of beef.

A snapshot of the FAQ on Taco Bell’s page. Woop! Go Taco Bell!

There has been a lot of hubbub about the “unpronounceable” ingredients in Taco Bell’s beef. We shouldn’t eat things with ingredients we can’t pronounce right?? Not so fast. This is just another one of those “rules” that we hear that seems so logical we spread it as fact.

On their page, Taco Bell explains what ingredients such as cellulose, potassium chloride, and maltodextrin are and why they use them in their food. Through further investigating, one will see that these scary sounding names are actually just that. Names. Scientific names for (usually) naturally occurring ingredients. We have been told to fear some foods and to worship others without knowledge of why. I think Taco Bell is taking a good position in educating its customers.

Think about it: How many times have you heard or told someone any of the following:

-Taco Bell is so bad for you. Have you heard about their mystery ingredients??

– Kale is good for you!

– Don’t eat foods with MSG.

– Coconut water is a great, healthy drink.

– Carbs are bad.

We spread statements like these on a daily basis, but when was the last time you stopped and asked yourself (or others) why? If we all took time to educate each other on nutrition instead of merely telling each other what to do, perhaps we could erase health food propaganda and promote awareness.

Perhaps we could encourage nutrition understanding. Perhaps we can begin to eliminate negative emotions such as fear, shame, and guilt that are associated with certain foods.

Yes there may be some “unpronounceable” ingredients in Taco Bell’s food, but that doesn’t mean it is “bad” for us. It also doesn’t mean it is “good” for us. It just means that we need to dig deeper into the literature to find out what they are and how they affect our bodies!

And then we will be able to make the choice that is right for US. Not for your friend, parent, sibling, person who overheard you talking at the store..

Be aware, spread awareness. And enjoy the good eats!!!! Thanks Taco Bell for educating us about your ingredients! That’s one great step in the Positive direction!!!!!


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