Guide to Positive Eating

Here are the three most important tips for feeling good about what you eat for the rest of your life.

1) Realize we NEED to eat to survive. Food is fuel. Food is what gives us energy, builds our bodies, and is necessary for LIFE.

2) Educate yourself on nutritionwhat we need, why we need it, and how we can obtain it. Focus on identifying foods that get a bad rap (such as ice cream, pizza, burgers, cookies, cocktails) by their main ingredients (sugar, butter, eggs, milk, flour, fruit juice etc), and you will see that they are actually full of nutrition. All foods can be broken down into carbs, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, etc. ALL FOODS HAVE NUTRITION and fit into a healthy diet/lifestyle.

3) Remember that foods are sometimes more than just vehicles of nutrition. Foods are a part of experiences, and experiences are a part of life. Cake is a part of a birthday party. Beer is a part of happy hour. Nachos are a part of a sporting event experience. Pie is a part of your grandmother’s love. But remember, they are JUST a part of the bigger picture of life. We shouldn’t think too much about food. We shouldn’t have to have endless internal debates about nutrition. We shouldn’t feel ashamed or guilty of something that is literally. just. a. piece. of. food. We shouldn’t focus our energy on whether or not to eat a slice of cake, drink a beer, order some nachos, have some homemade pie.. we should focus our energy on being present in the moment. Just enjoy whatever you CHOOSE to eat and then move on with your life! The focus should be on the experience!!

Positive Eating for life!

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