Waffle House of Nutrition


All Star Breakfast at Waffle House
All Star Breakfast at Waffle House




Let’s face it. You will probably end up at a Waffle House this weekend. And you will probably order the All-Star breakfast. Because you’re an All Star. Because it’s the first menu item and written all patriotic-like in a red, white, and blue banner. Because it consists of a waffle AND hashbrowns AND bacon AND eggs AND coffee. Because you’re American, and it is almost your duty to order it.

Most importantly, it will be delicious. And nutritious? YES. It will be very nutritious because like we always say here at Positive Eats, ALL FOODS HAVE NUTRITION!

Well, What kind of nutrition? Tell me more…

OK I will! (did I just have a conversation with myself?)

Whatever it’s a blog.

Anyway..  let’s look at each separate component of this feast:

THE WAFFLE (+ Syrup)

Fluffy with just the right amount of crispness around each indented groove, the infamous Waffle from Waffle house is perfect. It is also a great vehicle for B-vitamins and iron! This is because waffles are made from enriched flour. Flour fortification with nutrients is mandatory in the US.

And who can eat waffles without syrup? Maple syrup is full of antioxidants, calcium, iron, zinc, and potassium!

Together, waffles + syrup are a sweet carbohydrate powerhouse–meaning you will have ENERGY!!!! for hours!!!

Eggs and Bacon–The perfect salty/savory compliment to the waffle. Both are FULL of the macro-nutrient, PROTEIN! We need protein for virtually everything in life, including growth and repair and metabolic functions. And since both eggs and bacon are animal products, they contain the essential vitamin B-12, which is ONLY found in animal products, along with a slew of other nutrients. COol!

HASHBROWNSandrea waffle house
mmm potatoes!!! Vitamin C!!! Potassium! Find out more about potatoes in this earlier post on French Fries. Like your hashbrowns “covered”? aka topped with melted cheese? You are adding calcium and protein! Read more about cheese here.

We all know that coffee has a lot of caffeine. But with regards to nutrients, did you know coffee contains essential B vitamins and manganese and potassium?

And there you have it. A full breakfast at Waffle House. A full dose of NUTRITION! 🙂

Remember, remain positive about what you eat!! We cannot fuel our bodies with regret, guilt, or shame! Happy eating everyone!! And enjoy the weekend.

And now for the irrelevant but relevant question: How do you like your Waffle House hashbrowns? Smothered? Covered? Capped?

The Mysterious Mayo

Mayo!! (http://www.hellmanns.com/)

Alright. How many of yall really know what mayonnaise is? Sure it’s that delicious spread on your sandwich..but what IS it exactly?? And if it’s that creamy, and luscious..how can it be good for us??

All we ever hear in health advice is to use other substitutes instead of mayo. Use fat-free greek yogurt instead of mayo. Use mustard instead of mayo. Use cottage cheese instead of mayo. How ’bout we just use the dang mayo?? 

Like all other foods, Mayo is NOT bad for you!!  Mayo is just a simple emulsion of oil, egg yolks, and something acidic (usually lemon, vinegar, or mustard). That’s it! Oil, eggs, and lemon!

In fact, using a bit of mayo on your sandwich can bring many excellent health benefits!!! Even more so than using mustard!! Why?? Because many vitamins, particularly those in vegetables, are fat-soluble—meaning we NEED a little bit of fat to absorb all that nutritious goodness!!

Take a look at the nutrition label below, taken straight from Hellmann’s website. See? Nothing to be afraid of, and EVERYTHING to love!

Now, for today’s irrelevant, but relevant question: Do you like mayo on your sandwich?

Nutrition and ingredients in the delicious condiment known as Mayo
Nutrition and ingredients in the delicious condiment known as Mayo

Brown Sugar Medicinal Properties

You see it on almost every health article out there–Sugar is BAD. Sugar is what is making us fat. Avoid Sugar as if your life depended on it. Seriously?? But isn’t sugar an essential part of life?

Some health trainers even go as far to avoid the sugars in grapes and bananas.. and to that all I can say is…Please don’t.

This is an article about the medicinal properties of sugar. Brown sugar to be exact.

brown sugar and ginger tea--YUM! and so good for you too!
brown sugar and ginger tea–YUM! and so good for you too!

Growing up, my mother always used to give me and my siblings a tea made from spoonfuls of brown sugar and slices of ginger when we were sick. The result was a dark colored mixture that tasted like a hot cola with a warm spicy finish. I did some research and found that this brown sugar ginger tea is a common practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for treating nausea, digestive problems, cold symptoms and menstrual symptoms.

What exactly is brown sugar, and what nutrients does it offer our bodies?

Brown sugar gets its color from leftover molasses, the syrupy by-product from processing sugar cane to get refined sugar. This is also the reason why brown sugar feels more “wet” than white sugar.

Molasses has loads of nutritional benefits! Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium to name a few!

In TCM, Brown Sugar is categorized as a “warm” food, meaning it helps promote blood circulation, so drinking a few spoonfuls mixed in with hot water is great for the body.

Next time you’re feeling a bit under the weather, try this recipe for a pick me up!

-1 spoonful dark brown sugar
– a few slices of fresh ginger root
– mug of hot water!

Feel great with brown sugar (and all the nutrients it offers!) 🙂 Have a warm day!

BAGELS: Day 1 of Give up the Guilt! 40-day Challenge

The post below was submitted by a reader who is completing Positive Eats 40-Day Challenge: Give up the Guilt!.

Lena’s Story

Normally I would have given up carbs for Lent, but recently I realized my obsession with healthy eating was actually, extremely UNhealthy. It was destroying my social life: I was afraid to meet my friends for dinner or lunch, knowing that I couldn’t trust the food being served to me. I never went to happy hour with my coworkers–in fact, I even lied about commitments I had made in the afternoons and evenings to avoid drinking a beer with them. I spent most of my non-eating hours, obsessively planning and counting the calories of my next meal. I was constantly stressed out and always thinking about how to have the cleanest diet. My staple meals were plain oatmeal with flaxseeds and blueberries, kale salads with no dressing (only a splash of vinegar and some salt/pepper), and oven baked tofu and curried chickpeas. It was delicious food, but my consistent worrying about messing up my “perfect diet” was terrible for my health.

I realized I had a problem and now I want to change. I want to do the Positive Eats 40-Day Challenge of giving up the guilt I associated with “bad” foods. So guess what I did this morning?

I HAD A BAGEL FOR BREAKFAST. WITH CREAM CHEESE. And it wasn’t even a whole wheat bagel from a nice, organic bakery run by the vegan, tree hugging hipsters downtown. Nope. IT WAS A PLAIN WHITE BAGEL FROM KROGER

And guess what?? IT WAS delicious, and I savored every bite, AND guess what I discovered when I read the nutrition label?? Each bagel has 15% daily Calcium, 20% Iron, and 9% of dietary fiber!

Check out the pictures I took.

15% Calcium? 20% Iron? 2 g fiber! I'll take it!!
15% Calcium? 20% Iron? 2 g fiber! I’ll take it!!
Plain White Bagels from Kroger for breakfast of Give Up the Guilt Challenge Day 1!
Plain White Bagels from Kroger for breakfast of Give Up the Guilt Challenge Day 1!

I’m so happy I chose to take on this challenge. Bagels are ok to eat. They are just food! A little bit of a “banned” food each day for 40-days will be an eye opener and stress reliever for me. Living guilt free is the best. Now that I’ve had my breakfast full of carbs ( = ENERGY!!!!) and lots of nutrients (since I learned that those plain white bagels were made from fortified flour with essential vitamins and minerals), I am ready to start my day with a POSITIVE outlook!


Love, Lena

— THANK LENA!! Glad to hear your success story. What is everyone else eating for Day 1 of the challenge?

Positive Eats 40-Day Challenge: Give up the Guilt!

According to a 2012 poll on Twitter, the most common items which people gave up for Lent were food related. Chocolate, Alcohol, Bread, Soda, Junk Food, Sweets, Ice Cream, McDonald’s…and the list goes on.

It is clear that these foods are most often associated with feelings of guilt after consumption. But we at Positive Eats are trying to reduce negative food emotions, and this is exactly why we have come up with the Positive Eats 40-Day Challenge: Give up the Guilt! Screenshot 2014-03-02 20.07.55

Instead of giving up any foods, we encourage you to give up the guilt. In fact, we challenge you to consume DAILY something that is part of your “banned foods” or “bad foods” list. And we challenge you to savor that food. Think positively about the nutrition in that food. And then move on with your day. 

It is up to you what you wish to consume each day as part of the challenge. A piece of chocolate from the office candy bowl. Ranch dressing on your salad. A bag of chips during a picnic. Whole fat milk. Or a piece of cake at your friend’s birthday party. Mayo on your sandwich. Or a soda at the movie theatre. A beer at the ball game. White bread instead of whole wheat.

Take foods from that list you usually ban from your diet, and enjoy a small pieces of them every. day. — for 40 days.

We hope that in completing this challenge you will see that foods are just foods. And all foods can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. The most important part is to think positively about the nutrition in what you eat, and after you eat, MOVE ON WITH YOUR DAY. You have a life to live!

Are you up for the challenge? Update us daily on Facebook, thru email (positiveeats@gmail.com), or in the comments below!