Nutrients in a Margarita!!!!

HAPPY NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY!!! Officially celebrated every February 22nd, we here at Positive Eats believe it should be celebrated every day. Or at least every time you have a marg. Is that every day? 😉

Margaritas are possibly one of the best drinks in the world. AND full of nutrition!!!! Check out these three picture below:

Blue Agave
Blue Agave


Screenshot 2014-02-23 11.14.02

What do they have in common? Hint: INGREDIENTS OF A MARGARITA!! Ok that was actually more than a hint. Margaritas are simple, yet extremely delicious. The classic margarita recipe is easy to remember:

3 parts tequila
2 parts lime juice
1 part triple sec

3-2-1 BOOM. Best drink in the world. Let’s look at the nutrition in the ingredients:

1. Tequila is made from the blue agave plant, which is full of plenty of carbohydrates (remember, carbs=sugar=ENERGY!!!!!!), mainly in the form of fructose. Tequila has also been shown to lower bad cholesterol, aid in digestion, alleviate headaches, and reduce stress, risk of stroke, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

2. Lime Juice is made from limes. Surprise!!!! Guess what nutrients limes have? Besides Vitamin C, which is great for our skin and immune system, limes are also full of calcium and folate (aka Vitamin B9). Check out a nutrition label here! Which other foods surpringly also have vitamin C, calcium, and folate? French Fries, Ice Cream, and Oreos! Check check check!!!

3. Triple sec is made from bitter orange peels, alcohol, and sugar. Hence, it is also full of plenty of carbohydrates (and a little bit of Vitamin C from the orange peels). Remember, carbohydrates are a macronutrient essential to life. Your body NEEDS carbs!

Photo taken from Pixelated Crumb.
Photo taken from Pixelated Crumb.

Like most other foods, when you break down the ingredients, margaritas are made from all natural components. Margaritas are carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals all in one refreshing sip!!! HOORAY. Now THAT is a great reason to celebrate!!!

Now for the irrelevant, but relevant question of the day: On the rocks, or frozen?


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