Why Pizza is the Perfect Food


I really don’t know why pizza gets a bad rap, because honestly, could there be a more PERFECT food?? I think not. Here is why:

We need a balance of nutrients to live a balanced life, and pizza is a DELICIOUS vehicle for nutrition!!!

1. Pizza crust is made from fortified (or enriched) white flour, giving us an essential dose of the B-vitamins and iron. The crust = Carbohydrates = ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Pizza sauce is a full of lycopene and glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant from cooked tomatoes. Hello serving of vegetables!

3. Cheese, like most dairy products, is an excellent source of calcium and b-12. It is also full of PROTEIN! And a great source of dietary fat! Image

Add some vegetable or meat toppings, and you add even more nutrition!

Pizza is macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fats) AND essential micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) all in one. WOW.


Don’t you agree?? 🙂



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