Love, Food

Dear Person,

I really want this relationship to work, but sometimes I get the feeling you regret spending time with me. Sometimes I feel you pretend not to like me. Sometimes I feel like you lie to others about me. And sometimes I feel used–used as a prop in your Facebook photos to make your friends envious of our adventures, to prove to yourself you are happy. Our relationship shouldn’t have to be justified or judged by the others!

All I want is to bring happiness to your life. I want to help fuel your passion-driven, free-spirited, dream-chasing ways. I want to help you achieve your goals. 

Let’s share positive experiences and live honestly together. Don’t be afraid to push me aside when you’ve had too much. I want to be a part of your daily life, yet most importantly, I don’t want to consume your life. 

Our relationship should be built on trust. I hope we can move forward in a healthy way, and savor each moment we have from now on.



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