Embrace the (Kraft) Single life!

I also wanted to call this post: Kraft Singles–American Legend. Anyways… Oh those delicious orange squares! That satisfying sound of tearing off the rigged seals of the thin plastic to reveal, according to today’s health experts, one of the most taboo foods on earth. You’ve all heard it before–“Don’t eat processed foods!” “That is not real cheese!” “It’s sooo bad for you!” In fact, find it here on this list along with other supposedly bad foods (white bread, pasta, soy sauce, peanuts..you know. all those bad foods)

Kraft Singles: American Legend

But remember, THERE ARE NO BAD FOODS. Only bad relationships with foods, that stem from society’s need to guilt trip us. Let me tell you though–There is even nutrition in our beloved friend, the Kraft single!

This post was inspired by a reader submitted story, which I will now so eloquently re-tell:

The Kraft singles cheese sandwich made and eaten by a reader. 20% calcium, 2% vitamin A, AND protein? Awesome!

She was volunteering at a school luncheon, had forgotten to eat breakfast and was starving by afternoon. In effort to get some fuel into her body she slapped together a quick cheese sandwich made from two pieces of white bread and two slices of Kraft singles. Normally she would have kicked herself for caving in to hunger and consuming such fake, horrible, plastic, chemically induced milk-by-product between nutritionally void bread..but this time she chose to think POSITIVELY about the nutrition of the sandwich she just consumed. And here is how:

1. White flour is fortified with many essential micronutrients. We’ve discussed it before in the OREO post.

2. Each Kraft single contains 20%!!! of your daily calcium needs, 2% vitamin A, and 3 g of protein!!! Check out the Kraft single nutritional info!

And she lived happily ever after, did not consume Kraft singles every day, but was not going to feel guilty about the occasional orange square either!

What’s your opinion on Kraft singles and other cheese products like Velveeta, or Easy Cheese?


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