Icing on the Cake

I have read many-a-health-blogs that suggested you scrape the icing off a piece of cake before eating it to save calories, save fat, save sugar. And to that I say, save it for what? Save it to ingest in some other form that is not the delicious frosting on top of my cake? Save it for after the party so I can pride myself for snacking on an apple and peanut butter instead?

The icing on top of the cake: Goodness on top of more goodness
The icing on top of the cake: Goodness on top of more goodness

The idiom “Icing on the Cake” came into existence because it is the perfect example of “something good that is added to another good thing”. But our over-obsessed health culture today is rendering this expression meaningless. Icing, or frosting, is becoming synonymous with “bad”, “unhealthy”, “fattening”. And that is true if you choose to look at it that way.

Or you can choose to look at frosting as what it is! A simple mixture of sugar, dairy and butter–all of which are FOODS with nutritional value!! I’ve discussed sugar and dairy in the “Ice cream is good for you” post, so let’s focus on the butter component of icing. Or frosting. Whichever you call it.

BUTTERcream frosting
BUTTERcream frosting

Alright. Let’s get some things straight. Butter facts:

1. Butter is a fat. It is not what makes you fat. It is a TYPE of fat. Fat is essential for survival.

2. Butter is rich rich RICH in Vitamins A, E, D, and K2.

3. Butter has iodine!!

4. Butyric acid. Wonder where it get its name from?;)

5. Linoleic acid. <—read about it. it’s cool stuff!!!

6. THE benefits of BUTTER list goes on and on and on..

So celebrate butter. Celebrate the icing on the cake. Make this buttercream fosting today. Life is too short to rob ourselves of nutritional happiness in times of celebration (isn’t this usually when we eat cake anyway?)

Have your cake, eat it, AND the icing too!!!!!

And now for today’s relevant, yet irrelevant question: What is your ideal cake:frosting ratio?


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